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Cheyenne Heights Owner's Association

Currently, the estimated assessment for the community is $95.00 per month, which includes snow removal of common areas, weekly homeowner trash, insurance, and covenant enforcement.

Because your homeowner’s association (“HOA”) plays such a significant role in the shaping of your community, it is important to understand its purpose. D12 Home’s vision is to create and preserve long-term value for the homeowners and their property in the community where the HOA functions. D12 Homes and the HOA accomplish this in two ways: (1) by building and maintaining common areas; and (2) by formulating and implementing protective covenants establishing standards for design, construction, upkeep and use of property in the community.

At D12 Homes, we believe the best approach is to be actively involved in the management process commencing at the outset and continuing through the transition to complete homeowner control. We provide documentation of HOA covenant restrictions, structure, activities, and procedures, provide financial support and remain committed to the financial well-being and smooth operation of the HOA until the community is fully developed. Our approach to covenant enforcement is to be straightforward, open and direct, to utilize common sense, and to maintain a non-adversarial, neighborly attitude to the extent possible. We also engage homeowners early, encouraging them to participate on the board and various committees. 

For more information, please view our Cheyenne Heights Owner’s Association documents. 

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