Our community, Cheyenne Heights, is located

in Cheyenne Mountain School District 12. Back

to school is an exciting time and classes for

D12 are just around the corner. It is essential

to start your school year off right, and with a

couple of routines and some planning, it can

be the most efficient and stress-free one yet.

Here are some awesome and practical tips

every parent should know to save time and

money this back to school season.

Get Your Students Back into Routine
Getting back into the groove of school and its routine can be challenging, but practicing ahead of time can help set you and your family up for a smooth transition for when school starts up again. Begin by deciding upon times to wake up and go to bed by and abide by these times for at least a week prior to the start of school. Establishing your child’s body clock on a schedule is key for setting your school morning routine up for success. Furthermore, introduce the time at which your kid should be dressed, ready to go, and has had breakfast. Be sure this time is approximately ten minutes prior to when you would need to leave to commute to school to allow a buffer for any unforeseen circumstances.

Idea: While adapting to this system, reward your child when they are “ready to go” on time. Also, if possible, spend time with them and do something special before classes begin.

Prep Breakfast and Lunches
Prepping meals can save a lot of time when you are trying to get out the door in the morning. Having pre-made breakfast foods, such as oatmeal, eggs, and sausage, that can be quickly heated up or keeping ready to eat bagels, muffins, or cereal, on hand can make the breakfast rush more efficient. Additionally, for lunch, pack as much as you can the night before. Even get your kid involved by allowing them to help pick what goes in their lunch. This not only accomplishes the goal of saving time in the morning but also teaches responsibility and makes certain that lunch will be eaten and enjoyed.

Idea: One way to ensure that a balanced lunch is being packed is to create a mix and match checklist containing the various foods that can be packed, organized by food group.

Pick and Plan Outfits Ahead of Time
An excellent way to maximize time in the morning is to have your child pick out their outfits ahead of time, whether the night before or plan an entire week of outfits. This definitely helps make things feel less rushed and stops your kid from spending 15 minutes trying to decide what they want to wear.

Idea: Go through your child’s closet and organize outfit ideas that your child will wear and that complies with their school’s dress code. Take pictures of these outfits and create an outfit inspiration scrapbook, either a hard copy or online. This will help your kid visualize appropriate outfits and make the picking out process a little easier.

Designated Backpack, Homework, and Important Papers Stations
Designated stations for backpacks, homework, and important papers is a great way to avoid anything from being lost or forgotten. When your students arrive home from school, they simply place everything in their spot and head to the designated homework area to finish their assignments. Backpack stations could be a hook by the door or a colorful bin to place not only their school supplies but any additional gear for other activities. A homework headquarters could be a desk in their room, a table in the family room, or even the breakfast nook in the kitchen. Wherever it is, make sure it is a place where your kid can complete their homework without any distractions. Finally, a bin or a specific place on the counter should be identified as a place for important papers sent home by the school for parents to look at or sign. This prevents that field trip permission slip from disappearing into the depths of their backpack. For best results of this hack, plan out these specific spots before school starts, so that you and your child both know these areas for the start of a seamless after school routine.

Idea: Check out college dorm supplies or the dollar store for economical organizational options for your designated areas.

After School Snacks
It is consistent that kids come home from school ready to eat anything in sight. An idea to beat these after-school grumbles is to place a bin of snacks on the counter and one in the fridge perishable items that are specific after school snacks. Also, consider placing a bin in the car for on-the-go snacks when headed to sports or activities. A simple solution like this can take the guess work out of what can be snacked on.

Idea: Choose a variety of snacks, from fruit to savory goodies, to mix up snack time and fuel your child’s brain for the homework they need to complete. Additionally, purchase non-perishable snacks in bulk and divide into single-serving portions for an affordable option.

We hope these tips will help you be successful this back to school season! And if you are searching for a home to ensure your admittance into Cheyenne Mountain School District 12, look no further than Cheyenne Heights, Colorado Springs’ newest Southwest neighborhood. To learn more information, explore our website, D12Homes.com, or call 719.310.1645 to speak with a D12 Homes representative.

August 1, 2017 | Colorado Springs, Back to School, Cheyenne Mountain School District 12

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